Sunday, November 1, 2015


I have this anxiety in questioning,"how can school members reach out learning happened in my classroom?"

I have been through many discussions with some fellow teachers. Some ideas pop up here and there. To cut a long story, I met Pramaditya. He is a design tech teacher at Sekolah Cikal, one of IB schools in Indonesia.

We shared ideas and experiences. We found out that the key words are recording learning. We compiled our experiences and put them in a workshop. We ran the workshop during IB Dunia Conference held in British School Jakarta. You can see the date on the workshop box just on the corner of this blog.

I put the link for you to see our slide presentation HERE.

We had a lot of feedback in our workshop. People attended the workshop were really interested on extending the way learning documented and shared properly.
It was really great day.

Enjoy it!


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