Friday, October 7, 2011


In the 21st century learning environment, the use of application programs is unavoidable. Some programs have to be bought before downloaded. The good news is that a lot of programs are made freely for all users around the world.
One program out of many programs that really suits the 21st century teaching and learning is Google Sketchup. Not only teaching the students about shapes and maths application but also giving direction on how the students can take action by designing useful invention for their surroundings.

Therefore, in relation with the technology unit, my year  six students work individually in "designing" a useful technology. Surprisingly, they made things to help Jakarta as the Indonesia capital city. They dreamed to have some useful items such as "pollution house", "anti flood dam", "anti traffic", and many more. Surely, their designs were not the most detail ones as they were the experts. The way they responded on terrible things their city faces was one prove from many that the students had hearts to share with other citizens.

Some of them came to me and asked what I am making on my computer. I told them that I wanted to have a dam that able to avoid us from the flood as well as a water purifying dam. This kind of answered had triggered them to work on their design. Google sketchup really made them like experts. Here are some screen shots. Enjoy them!