Monday, March 7, 2011


An inquirer is the one who inquires for something. It is really that simple.
The students nowadays need to be inquirer on the knowledge they seek. The teachers as well need to be inquirers as the rapid growth of the knowledge. The parents moreover, need to be the first inquirers at home as the kids will ask them many questions in day to day basis.

The International Baccalaureate Organization where the Primary Years Programme came from, really wants to have all students to be the inquirers. In the IB-PYP handbook: A Basis for Practice (p.4), it is written that 
"Inquiry, interpreted in the broadest sense, is the process initiated by the student 
or the teacher that moves the student from his or her current level 
of understanding to a new and deeper level of understanding"

Obviously, the process in becoming the inquirer begins from the students and the teachers. However, the process actually begins from the family environment. Some people said,"It begins from the moms and dads". To be honest, I really agree that as parents, we hold the most important parts.

When the children ask "what's that daddy?", "Why does the flower have green leaves mom?", and many more questions involving WH questions, we need to answer the questions properly. The children will not be able to be a full inquirer when they hear the answer "well, the leaves have its color because God makes them so" or "you have asked too many questions today, so please be quiet". To connect the answer with God is good but surely God makes everything with logical reason that we also as adults can provide logical answers for our children. Avoiding questions will not make the happy and to be honest will not make us good parents as well.

Any IB schools dream - and yet been proven - to bear more inquirers. As parents, we dream to have our kids hold any language from different nations, master any knowledge they want to pursue, and be person for others. All of that dreams can happen. It all begins from us. Let's be inquirer from now on.