Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Dear all,

Our second unit is about to finish. This week, we have to wrap up everything and make our reflection. Before it is ended, we had an extremely interesting trip to Fatahilla Museum. The museum was located in the part of olden city Jakarta. You can see many old buildings built by the Dutch. Most of the buildings were built in 18th century.

The museum, once, was the office of the governor general. It was mentioned that Jan Pieterzoon Coen, one of the famous governor general, had used the building. The building itself truly just great. You can say that the Dutch really good in making an everlasting building. It is true that the building was not the original building as it had been built in 1707. Through wars, the building had been renovated to be exactly as the original shape.

Governor General Joan van Hoorn was the man behind the erection of the building. However, Governor General Abraham van Riebeeck was the man behind the launching of the building. You can imagine how happy the Dutch were to have this building as the representative power of the Dutch Royal.

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